Italian GP Saturday: 予選3位獲得!!!


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Italian Grand Prix – Qualifying

Weather: sunny and dry, 28-31°C air, 35-42°C track

Nico Hülkenberg:
Sauber C32-Ferrari (Chassis 03/Ferrari 056)
Qualifying: 3rd in Q3 (1:24.776 / medium tyres)
3rd practice: 12th (1:25.273 min / medium tyres / 21 laps)

“I am happy. This was a nice surprise for all of us. I didn’t expect that after a very difficult Friday. Yesterday we struggled a lot with the car and the guys have done a fantastic job turning it around to give me such a competitive car today. It is a highlight for the whole team. Such a result will lift our spirits. During qualifying the car just got better and better and the track improved as well. We made the right decision to go for one timed lap in Q3 and then this happened. I hope the long run pace is good tomorrow. A big thank you to the whole team and everyone in Hinwil, who have been working hard and have never given up in this difficult year.”


Monisha Kaltenborn, Team Principal:
“We are very happy with a result like that. Of course, there are two sides to it. Step by step we could see the development of the car was going in the right direction. On top of that the engineers did a fantastic job, working all night to turn the car around. In addition the driver has to get the most out of the car, deliver a perfect lap. Esteban drove very well over the last few races, so we hope he will be able to get the most out of the car tomorrow as well.”

Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering:
“A fantastic result after a difficult Friday when we evaluated some new parts getting the most out of the package. The engineers worked very hard throughout all the sessions to improve the cars for qualifying, and, as always, the grid in Monza is very tight. Every lap he did, Nico chipped away finding more and more in himself and the car, and he executed a perfect Q3 lap to clinch P3 on the grid. This is obviously a little bit above our competitiveness from a race performance point of view, but our aim for sure is to improve our points tally. Esteban had been very strong in free practice but was unlucky to miss Q2 by just two tenths of a second. However, I’m sure he will race well tomorrow.”

2013 Italian Grand Prix – Post Qualifying Press Conference


1 – Sebastian VETTEL (Red Bull Racing)
2 – Mark WEBBER (Red Bull Racing)
3 – Nico HULKENBERG (Sauber)


Nico, where did that come from?
Nico HULKENBERG: I don’t know either. Really a nice surprise to ourselves. I didn’t expect it, especially after a very difficult Friday. Yesterday we struggled a lot with the car, we were trying some different bits and bobs, but the guys have done a fantastic job to turn the car around and give me such a competitive car today. It was just that Q1, Q2, Q3 the car just got better and better, I think with the track improvement and with the right decision just to go for one timed lap, fuelled for one timed lap, was the right call. Yeah a burning lap which made this nice surprise happen.
Q: ニコ、そんな速さは一体どこから来た?
NH: 僕もわからない。とても嬉しいサプライズだったよ。とても難しい金曜日だったから。昨日は細かい部品を色々試していて、かなり苦戦していた。でもチームのみんなが素晴らしい仕事をして状況をひっくり返し、こんなにコンペティティヴなクルマを今日の僕に用意してくれたんだ。予選の間、クルマはどんどん良くなり続けて行って、路面も同じようによくなっていった。Q3で計測ラップを一度だけ走るという正しい決断をして、一周アタック分の燃料を積んだ。正しいコールだった。そのburnig lapで、こんな嬉しいサプライズが起きたんだ。

Of course it’s a good circuit for Sauber. They finished second here last year, so what are your hopes for tomorrow?
NH: Yeah, last year is a very different year. Obviously Sauber was very competitive very often last year in races. This year we have been struggling more, we’ve had a more difficult year, let’s put it this way. So I hope that the long run pace is good. From what I could see yesterday it should be all right. I don’t think we can challenge these guys but definitely points are now the target.
Q: モンツァはザウバーにとってはいいサーキットだ。近年は強力なレースをしばしば見せているね。明日はどんな期待をしている?
NH: うん、去年は全然違うシーズンだった。もちろん、ザウバーはモンツァでここ何年か強さがある。今年の僕達はもっと苦戦しているし、難しいシーズンを送っている。だからロングランペースがいいことを願ってるよ。昨日の感じでは大丈夫なはずだけど。レッドブルの二人にチャレンジできるとは思わないけど、ポイント獲得は(明確な)ターゲットになったよ。


Q: Nico, possibility of showers tomorrow. What would you like?
NH: I think I’d like it to stay dry to be honest. I think that would be the easier option but we’ll take it as it comes. We haven’t run in wet or inter conditions so it will be new to everyone. Obviously more challenging but I’m open-minded.
Q: 明日シャワーの可能性もある。どんな展開がいいかな?
NH: 正直なところ、ドライのままもってほしいと思う。その方が楽だけど、そのときの天気に合わせるよ。ウェットやインターのコンディションでは走っていないから、全員にとって新しい状況になる。チャレンジングになるのはもちろんだけど、僕はオープン・マインドだよ。


Q: (Livio Oricchio – O Estado de Sao Paulo) Nico, the drivers’ market is very sensitive at this moment, especially concerning the teammate of Alonso. You have put in a greater performance then Ferrari; do you think it can influence Ferrari’s decision to take you?
NH: I can only influence it by performing very well and obviously today’s result is not the worst. For me it’s just important to focus on my competitiveness and my performance and that will make the rest easier but probably the timing is not the worst at this moment.
Q: ドライバーマーケットは現在とてもセンシティヴです。特にアロンソのチームメイトに関して。今日はフェラーリよりもいいいパフォーマンスをみせましたね。この予選でフェラーリに、あなたを獲得するという決断を後押しすることができると思いますか?
NH: 僕にできるのは、とてもいいパフォーマンスを見せることだけだ。もちろん今日の結果は最悪ってわけじゃないよね。自分の競争力とパフォーマンスに集中することだけが僕にとっては重要なことなんだ。それが、残りのことも助けてくれるだろう。でも、今の状況で、このタイミング(での予選P3)はおそらく悪くはないね。


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